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Book a cab in seconds with your smartphone

Track your Orders online

Track your Orders online in your designated account

You can be more productive and efficient without having to print and keep records of your Taxi Bookings.

Pay Directly On Your Phone

Pay directly on your smartphone

Leave that wallet in your pocket. Register your credit cards in our highly-secure environment.
PayPal payments and Credit cards through PayPal accepted.

What others say about us

“The best Taxi Booking service ever. Safe, easy to use and reliable.Thank you.”


Airport Service


We provide an affordable and reliable means to meet the needs of riders across Nigeria. You can now get a ride from various airports across Nigeria. Booking online is cheaper and better as you can cancel your booking or change the

Package Delivery Service

Contact Cooltaxi when you have a package that needs to be delivered on time. Our team ensures that efficiency and security is upheld in delivering the best service to our customers. We could be reached by phone or email 24 hours a day.

Midel Centre, Gudu, Abuja. Phone:07025008322 e-mail: info@cooltaxi.ng